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"The resume needs to show what you can do, and why you're a good fit for an employer.."

What is a Resume

Resume also known as a CV is a summary of a person’s educational and professional history, .generally prepared for job applications.In simple, a resume becomes a marketing document in which one markets his or her skills, qualification and experiences to interested party; mainly EMPLOYERS.


Resume Tips

When applying for a job in Fiji islands you will will need a resume. Most employers will need a CV and passport size photo for the job application. Here at vacancies in Fiji we have sourced out some of the best resume writing tips to help you in getting a job in Fiji. 

Resume Samples

When creating a resume you need to keep in mind few things that are crucial. Here at vacancies in Fiji we have sourced out some of the best resume samples that will help you in creating your own CV. Check the CV smaples out

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what to include in your Resume



If you're creating a CV, listing your skills is essential. Highlights your skills and explain how you will be able to use these skills in your new job. Try and list only the skills that is relevant to the job you applying for.



It's important to include your education and qualifications in your CV. This information should be listed after your work history or skills, depending on the style of CV and what you want to emphasise. Start with your most recent qualification, and work back


Work History

List your most recent job or work experience first and work backwards. Your work history needs to include: when you held the position the job title/position the name of the employer


Personal Statement

A personal statement or objective is an optional paragraph about yourself that comes directly after your contact details.The statement gives the employer a little insight into who you are



Referees provide an employer with further insight into your skills, work history and personality. A referee can be a former employer, coach, teacher, respected community leader, or any credible person who will support your job application.


Name & Contact

First and last name phone number (preferably a landline and cellphone) work-appropriate email address and postal address

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