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Business Ads in Fiji

Looking to expose your business to 1000′s of visitors in Fiji then we can help. Fiji vacancies has over 3000 visitors monthly and is growing daily. If you are looking to get good advertising for your business in Fiji  then Fiji Vacancies .Com is your answer.

Advertising Cost

At Fiji Vacancies we can cater for any budget so if you are looking to advertise your business then just contact us and we will be able to sort something for you. Adverting cost will depend on your budget and duration of your advertising so the longer you advertise for the lower the cost.

What you get for your money ?

Depending on your budget we can place your banner on the front page of Fiji vacancies and get you exposed to thousands of visitors. no matter what you are selling or promoting we will be able to get more customers to your website or business. Conditions do apply so for more information just contact us and we will work out something for you. We get over 25000 page views every month and this is increasing daily.

What we need ?

If you would like to advertise your business or your product in Fiji then simply email us at

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  • Your name :
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  • Advertising budget : ( Max Budget for your advertising )
  • Advertising Duration : ( How long do you want to advertise for )
  • About your business ( products or services )

For any inquires please feel free to email us and we will be happy to help where we can