Things to know relation to Curriculum Vitae

Things to know relation to Curriculum Vitae

What is a CV? (Also known as résumé)

CV is a summary of a person’s educational and professional history, .generally prepared for job applications

In simple, a resume becomes a marketing document in which one markets his or her skills, qualification and experiences to interested party; mainly EMPLOYERS.

What information should a CV comprise?

ü  Qualification & skills

ü  Previous related work experiences

ü  Education level

ü  Personal experiences

ü  Contact information

ü  Objective

ü  Accomplishments

ü  Personal experiences

ü  Referees

How long should a CV be?

There is no rule as to how long or how short the resume should be, as long as it’s:

ü  Informative

ü  Correct in content, spelling & grammar

ü  Clearly and logically laid out and no unnecessary repetition on skills etc.

ü  not back to back writing


Simple things to consider when outlining resume:

  • One of the referees should be recent employer.
  • Grammatical and spelling errors have a negative impact on the resume.
  • Presentation of CV matters and is the key for a successful CV
  • And always update your resume on a regular basis.

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