Interview preparation

Interview preparation

Interview is an integral process of any job search. It is a very formal conversation between the employer and the person interviewed giving both parties opportunity to give-and-take enough information to decide if the candidate is good enough to fit for the applied position.
The goal of the candidate going for the interview is to show the employer that you have the skills, and ability to carry out the job as stated in the job description as well as successfully adapt into the organization and its culture.

Every person going for an interview gets a sweaty palm at some point, its human nature. And so as one of the shortlisted candidate for interview, it becomes YOUR duty to research, practice, show honesty, promptness, be organized, and be positive.

Tip 1

Know the job description

Tip 2

Research the company 

Tip 3

Know your intervierviewers 

Interview Questions

Most importantly when answering questions, always bear in mind to give examples be it from your last work experience, if a first time for interview then school days. Scenario responses carry a lot of weight in eyes of the interviewer, the reason being it is where skills and abilities such as team work, time management, organization skills and decision making can be described precisely.



Do an online search regarding vision, mission, objective etc. since almost every company or organization has a website. Know the in and out of the company, its products, stakeholders, services etc., which will also help you explain how and why you fit in the best for the position.



Asking a friend or family to practice as you is in a formal interview. If not then practicing in front of a mirror is the best way. But do not script all answers that it will look like a pre-recorded message is being played during the actual interview. It is important to understand rather than cramping during practice.



If say you do get confused regarding a question that the employer asks, do not make it up and reply impulsively, but honestly ask the employer to elaborate if cannot understand.


Being prompt

Always be early for any interview as you never know what could happen at the last minute. Which would also give the candidate bit more time to go through cue cards or printed paper about the company as well most adjust to the environment of the office and catching your breath. Being prompt also gives a profession attitude in any workforce



Carrying copies of academic transcript(s), resumes, and necessary documents in a brown envelope, does not give a good 1st impression. Therefore, always carry a portfolio with necessary and extra copies of the documents. Having few questions for employer(s) also gives a good indication that research has been done by the candidate.


Be positive

Leave the negativity out the door about past workplace, boss, work experience etc. being enthusiastic and showing positive attitude will clearly indicate to the employer that you are genuinely interest in the job. And to top positivity, do not hesitate to tell the employer why you so interested in the job, maybe share an experience for positivity.

Common interview questions

Tell me about yourself

This is one of the most common questions asked in an interview. So make sure to have good and honet answer

Your Contribution

Can you summarize the contribution you would make to our organization?

Work Experience

Tell me about your most significant work experience.

Your Weakness

What do you think is your greatest weakness? Make sure to be honest and explain why

Greatest Achievement

Please tell me about the greatest professional Achievement

work colleagues

How would those who have worked with you describe you?

Why You

Why are you the best candidate for this position?

Best Job

Why do you think this is the best job for you and why do you think we should hire you ?


Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?