CV Tips in FIJI
CV writing Tips in Fiji

CV Tips in Fiji

Looking for Jobs in Fiji? Want to apply for jobs in Fiji? Need Help in creating a well organised and up to date CV?  At Fiji we have put together information that will help you write a CV that will help you in getting jobs in Fiji.

Tips in Creating a Curriculum Vitae  

  • Keep it Simple and Short
  • Provide Examples of your skills
  • Up to Date CV
  • Check your CV
  • Provide references
  • Create a Cover Letter


1. Keep it short and Simple

Employers in Fiji are looking for short simple and straight to the point C.V., as a saying don’t beat around the bush get straight to the point. If you are looking to impress your future employer make sure your CV is only two to three pages long.

Your Curriculum Vitae should contain:

  • Name
  • Contact details
  • Work experience relevant to the job you applying for
  • Skill that you have for the Job
  • Sell yourself to the employer
  • Use your C.V. to tell the employer why they should hire you


2. Provide examples of your skills

The Curriculum Vitae   will allow the employers to decide on which applicants to invite for an interview, so make sure you take your time to write your CV. When writing your CV make sure you give examples of how you used your skills in your last job or have applied your skills in your daily life.


Sales skills – managed a Internet Shop and increased sales by 25%  within 6 months


3. Up to date CV

When applying for a Job make sure you have up to date information on your CV. Check your contact details and only put in your correct details on the CV.


  • Make sure to provide your mobile number in your CV
  • Make sure to have a proper email address on your CV.
  • Use the email address that you use every day  and check regularly


4. Get Your CV Checked

Check your CV as many time as you can before sending it out to the employers as you only get one chance to impress them. Get your friends or family to check the CV and make sure you spell check it.


  • Ask your friends to go through the CV
  • Ask your family to check your CV
  • Use Microsoft word to spell check your CV
  • Use a simple and effective CV format
  • Write your CV in word format

6. Provide references

Most companies in Fiji will ask you for at least two referees. The employers will contact these referees to find out more about you and your work experience if any. Make sure that you have the correct contact details of your referees.


 7. Cover letter

When you applying for a job in Fiji you should include a cover letter with your CV. The cover letter should explain why you are suited for the job and why they should hire you.


  • The cover letter should explain what you can offer the employer
  • Summaries your skills, experience and your qualifications that you have regarding the job application.